Detergent booster doscan RV-S (20 kg) Dr.Weigert

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doscan RV-S is a liquid component for acidic detergent solutions, mainly based on nitric acid, with complexing and dispersing action.

When doscan RV-S is added, the effectiveness and speed of acid wash increases. Surfaces are better wetted, thus accelerating the decomposition of contaminants. doscan RV-S produces almost no foam.

doscan RV-S is mixed with nitric acid concentrate (50-52/53%), so it is possible to dose directly into the concentrate pipeline.

Fields of application:

doscan RV-S Mainly used in combination with nitric acid in all processes with CIP-systems and circulation in the food industry.

Главной областью применения являются все без исключения способы машинной мойки в пищевой промышленности, где кислотная мойка проводится CIP-способом.

Washing pasteurizers, evaporators, tanks, vessels and pipelines in the dairy industry, as well as washing brew order tanks, tanks and pipelines in the fermentation and lager departments in the brewery can be examples of applications. In the production of soft drinks, doscan RV-S is used to wash tanks, pipes and heat exchangers.