Detergent booster neodisher LM2 (1 l) Dr.Weigert

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Neodisher LM 2 contains low-foaming surfactants and various detergent enhancers. The neodisher LM 2 solutions rinse out well and are almost non-foaming.
Since the neodisher LM2 almost does not foam, it can be used for pre-washing, after which the tools and accessories can be washed in the washing machine without pre-rinsing. neodisher LM 2 removes organic impurities such as dried blood, protein. Inorganic contaminants such as dental cement, food residues and animal waste can also be washed.

neodisher LM 2 is very appropriate for washing surgical and dental instruments and especially micro-instruments in an ultrasonic bath. If laboratory glass is autoclaved before machine washing, we recommend wet autoclaving with the addition of a 3% solution neodisher LM 2.

neodisher LM 2 it does not damage materials and is used for washing all kinds of laboratory accessories made of glass, ceramics, alloy steel and plastics. Light metal products must be tested before washing .
neodisher LM 2 can be used in water of any hardness.

Field of application:

Manual washing of laboratory glass and surgical instruments in immersion and ultrasound baths in hospitals, dentistry, industrial and biological laboratories. Washing animal cages. Pipette washing in special washing machines.


Exposure time: 10-30 min, the solution can be heated to enhance the washing effect.
0,5-2,% in an immersion or ultrasonic bath,
1-3% for washing pipettes in the washing machine.

Subsequently the neodisher LM 2 solution must be completely rinsed off.
Do not mix with other products.