Detergent booster doscan RV 665 (23 kg) Dr.Weigert

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doscan RV 665 reduces the negative impact of water hardness salts on the washing process.

Thanks to special complexing agents, the dissolution of aluminum foil is accelerated and the formation of aluminate deposits in the bottle washer is prevented.

doscan RV 665 does not contain any surfactants, phosphates or EDTA. RV 665 has no adverse effect on materials commonly used in the food industry. In particular, compatibility with polyethylene terephthalate has been tested (PET)).

Fields of application:

doscan RV 665 is used in combination with caustic soda solution or with ready-to-use alkaline detergents of the neomoscan FA or neomoscan PA series.


The preferred application of doscan RV 665 is bottle washing, where the recommended concentration in alkaline baths is 0.1-0.2%, in special cases up to 0.3%. doscan RV 665 can be used for washing glass bottles as well as for washing Ref-PET bottles. If necessary, a defoamer can be added.

When using doscan RV 665 in combination with alkaline products in the dairy, brewery and other food industries, a 0.1 to 0.5% solution of doscan RV 665 is used as needed..

In accordance with the Food and Consumer Goods Act, after each wash, surfaces that come in contact with food should be rinsed with clean water to completely remove product residue from the surfaces.

Do not mix with other products. Control and safe, economical dispensing of doscan RV 665 can be provided by our dispensing systems.