Tests for the detection of antibiotics in Calza Clemente milk

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This kit is based on a specific antigen-antibody reaction and immunochromatography. β-lactam and tetracycline antibiotics in the sample compete for the antibody with the antigen coated on the membrane of the test strip. After the color reaction, the result can be observed.


This kit is used for the rapid qualitative analysis of β-lactams and tetracyclines in a milk sample.


β-lactams MRL (µg/l)LOD (µg/l)CephalosporinsMRL (µg/l) LOD (µg/l)
penicillin G            4         2-4      Cefquinome  20    15-20
ampicillin               4        3-4      cefacetrile   125    100
amoxicillin             4        4-5       cephalonium 20   18-20
oxacillin                30       6-8        cefazolin           50     50
cloxacillin              30      6-8        cefoperazone    50    40-50
dicloxacillin           30     6-8         cefapirin            60    50-80
nafcillin                  30    20-30     ceftiofur           100    90-100
Tetracyclines    MRL (µg/l)LOD (µg/l)Tetracyclines  MRL (µg/l)LOD (µg/l)
tetracycline       100      50-60    doxycycline      100      30-40
oxytetracycline   100     60-70   chlortetracycline     100   30-40


8 containers and 5 test strips in one vial. 12 bottles per pack.
Instruction for use
** Use one strip for one sample, the unused strips can be stored in the vial for later use.


Read the instructions carefully before use.  The kit and samples should be used at a room temperature. Milk samples should be completely liquid, free of clots and deposits.
Take the required vial from the packaging, remove the containes and strips and make the appropriate marks. Use these test strips within 1 hour. Close bottles tight. The rest of the strips can be saved for future.
Dispense 200 µl of test samples into the containers, then reabsorb and drop into 5 of them to completely mix the sample with the reagent in the containers. The mixture should be pink, then start the timer, incubate for 5 min at room temperature (25°C).
Then dip the test strips into the containers so that the mark "MAX" is completely immersed in the mixture, incubate again for 5 minutes at room temperature.
Take out the strips; evaluate the result according to Part 6.


    • There are 3 divisions on the strip: the control line, the line of β-lactams and the line of tetracyclines, marked as "C", "B" and "T".
    • The test results will depend on the color of these lines. The following diagram describes the identification of the result.
    • Negative: control line, line B and line T are red;
    • β-lactams Positive: control line is red, line B is colorless;
    • Positive result for tetracyclines: the control line is red, the T line is colorless;
    • Positive result for β-lactams and tetracyclines: control line is red; lines B and T have are colorless.