ANAX provides the products and services that help you succeed

The comprehensive package of products and services

ANAX offers not only high-quality materials, but also conducts audits, optimizes the process and provides comprehensive support for production to obtain a high-quality output product


We carry out comprehensive inspections of production cycles to optimize production processes. We pay attention to every detail, both in technology and in the technical performance of the equipment


After the audit, our specialist develops optimization of the production plan. With Anax on your side, get the quality and not the quantity

Service & Training

Our experts provide service support, consultations, and staff training

Developing a new product

All the products comply with EU and ISO certifications and are in line with best practices of the industry


ANAX forms a quality market. Optimization of production costs: the quality of our products allows us to reduce the volume of purchases of raw materials and auxiliary materials. Our products work not in quantity, but in quality. Individual approach: a wide range of products from the best European manufacturers allows us to form comprehensive offers for our partners; Representative offices of ANAX successfully operate in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia, Belarus


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