Detergent neomoscan FA 6 (20 kg) Dr.Weigert

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neomoscan FA 6 it is a liquid mildly alkaline detergent with high resistance to
water hardness, non-foaming.

The excellent detergent effect is based on a combination of
alkaline substances with special emulsifiers, dispersants, and boosters
detergent effect. The emulsifiers contained in the neomoscan FA 6 break down within a short
time greasy and oily contaminants.

Fields of application:

neomoscan FA 6 is used for washing by spritzing, circulation, immersion,
and also manually and with the help of high-pressure devices and sprayers. It does not
damage surfaces made of chromium-nickel steel, normal steel, aluminum, iron and
alkaline resistant plastics.

Since neomoscan FA 6 quickly breaks down fat and oil emulsions, it is especially common
used in repair plants, workshops, and in all areas where
needed a quick removal of oil residues.

neomoscan FA 6 used to remove grease and wash floors, vehicles,
loaders, as well as various parts of machines and equipment. Its effects in many
cases are equal to those of kerosene-based detergents. Stubborn and
caked layers of dirt are also quickly removed with the product.


Working concentrations when using immersion and wiping are 5
to 50%, when using sprayers and high pressure devices - 0.5 - 3%.
The most favorable operating temperature is 40 - 60 C.
Neomoscan FA 6 can be mixed with water in any ratio.
Type of detergent Щелочные беспенные