Detergent neomoscan FA 4 (22 kg) Dr.Weigert

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Neomoscan FA 4 it is liquid mildly alkaline all-purpose detergent.

A balanced combination of active moisturizers and emulsifiers with special phosphates and solvents ensures that the product
Neomoscan FA 4 excellent detergency against fat and protein.

Neomoscan FA 4 has excellent dispersing properties and the ability to retain dirt in the solution, which allows you to keep the washing power even when using poor quality water.

Fields of application:

Neomoscan FA 4 can be used by spraying, circulating, dipping, as well as manually and with high-pressure devices. Used in all areas of the food industry for general and special cleaning tasks.
neomoscan FA 4 does not damage stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, iron, brass, copper, tin, zinc, glass and alkali-resistant plastics. Prior to treating lacquered and painted surfaces, a preliminary test is required.
When using water with a high degree of hardness, a contrast acid wash with niroklar series to prevent and remove lime deposits is required from time to time..
For professional use only.