Detergent neomoscan FA 19 (24 kg) Dr.Weigert

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Neomoscan FA 19 it is a liquid high alkaline foaming-free detergent for the food industry, does not contain phosphates and surfactants.

revents deposits of water hardness salts.

Fields of application:

Neomoscan FA 19 for washing surfaces made of chromium-nickel steel, steel and alkali-resistant artificial materials. The rubber seals are not damaged.

The neomoscan FA 19 is not suitable for machining aluminum and its alloys as well as galvanized and tin-plated surfaces.

neomoscan FA 19 can be used by all methods of manual and machine washing, washing of plate and tube heat exchangers (e.g. milk and cream pasteurizers), self-cleaning separators, pipelines, tanks and containers.

Preferably used for central and local CIP cleaning of equipment in the dairy, brewing, beverage and juice industries, as well as in all food and processing plants that use automatic washers.

Acid treatment is carried out with the preparation niroklar Sauer flüssig.
For professional use only.