Detergent neodisher MediClean forte (5 l) Dr.Weigert

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neodisher® MediClean forte alkaline detergent with surfactant content for washing thermostable and thermolabile instruments. Liquid concentrate.

field of application:

For automatic and manual washing of surgical instruments, including instruments for minimally invasive surgery, microsurgery, endoscopes, anaesthetic instruments and equipment, dental instruments, including drill tips, corners, containers and other medical supplies.


neodisher MediClean forte it is an alkaline detergent with a low environmental impact, with basic detergent components that provide good cleaning properties and complete removal of dried and denatured blood, as well as blood residues that have dried after the use of disinfectants, and at the same time has a mild effect on materials. neodisher MediClean forte perfectly cleans the remains of organic materials and contaminants .

neodisher MediClean forte contains surfactants that prevent the re-deposition of protein residues and reduce the surface tension of the detergent solution. neodisher MediClean forte has been tested and recommended for use in medicine by the German Robert Koch Institute for Epidemiology. It has been tested and recommended for medical use by the German Robert Koch Institute for Epidemiology as a means of minimizing the risk of transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) when used to wash medical instruments and equipment. neodisher MediClean forte shows no adverse effect or destruction of materials and can be used for the treatment of medical devices and equipment made of stainless steel, tool steel, optics, plastics, materials suitable for anesthesia accessories. Anodized aluminum is resistant to cleaning solutions.
Type of detergent Alkaline non-foaming