Detergent neodisher Floor standard (10 l) Dr.Weigert

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neodisher floor standard it is liquid detergent for manual and mechanized cleaning of flooring and surfaces

Medium-alkaline detergent based on special low-foam surfactants, polymer phosphates and solvents, despite the medium-alkaline formula, it has a high washing capacity. Removes all kinds of organic and inorganic contaminants. It is soft and safe to use, has a beneficial effect on surfaces made of almost any material. .

Varnished and painted surfaces must be tested before treatment with the product. It is recommended for washing floors and caring for floor coverings. It is better to wash floor coverings with special cleaning equipment. Suitable for very dilapidated floors. It can be used for washing buildings and cars .

Dosage: 0,2-2% (2-20 ml/l) depending on the complexity of the contamination. Initially, it is recommended to prepare a medium concentration solution, then adjust it based on the nature of contamination and the surface to be treated until the desired result is achieved.

After use, rinse with water. Do not mix with other products.