For rosé wines choose APRO-ZYME MP WHITE L ANAX

Wild rose coloured wines were loved by the kings of France and Navarre, Spain and the Pope. It is believed that the red Bordeaux known today was formerly pink in colour and was called "claret". There are several ways of making rosé wines. The short maceration method allows you to control the colour of the wine by the time of maceration. If the grape juice (the grape variety is also important) is kept in contact with the skins longer, a very intense, almost red colour can be obtained. And with the Saignée method, the must is separated directly after the grapes have released their juice under their own weight, without the use of pressing. 

Anax group's APRO-ZYME MP WHITE L ANAX enzyme is used in the production of white and rosé wines. The processing of pink and white pulp results in better yields, shorter and gentler pressing cycles. 

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