Disinfectant neoseptal OS (22 kg) Dr.Weigert

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Neoseptal OS is a liquid disinfectant based on organic and inorganic acids. It does not contain surfactants. It is conductive.

Fields of application:

Neoseptal OS is used for disinfection of washed surfaces of tanks, containers, pipelines in the brewing industry, in the beverage industry, mainly in CIP systems. Another area of application is the combined washing and disinfection of prefacials in beer production.

neoseptal OS can be used on all acid-resistant metal surfaces in the food industry. Prior to use on other surfaces, check the following.
For professional use only.


Neoseptal OS применяется при температуре до 40°С.
The pH value should not exceed 2.5
Bactericidal effect according to EN 1276