Disinfectant neodisher Septo DN (5 l) Dr.Weigert

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Neodisher Septo DN is a low-foaming, pH-neutral disinfectant with a wide range of effectiveness based on dialdehydes specifically designed for sensitive materials.
We recommend the use of the washing agent neodisher MediClean forte. The processing process using neodisher MediClean forte and neodisher Septo DN according to Wassenburg Adaptoscope WD 440 reduction of the total microbial count by more than 9log10 is achieved in accordance with the requirements of preEN ISO 15883-4.

Does not contain formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds.

Field of application:

Дезинфекция моюще-дезинфицирующих машинах гибких эндоскопов и другого термочувствительного инструмента.


In washing and disinfecting machines:
1% at 55°C, 5 min.
1% at 50 °C, 10 min.
Type of detergent Дезинфекция