Detergent booster doscan RV-4 (23 kg) Dr.Weigert

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doscan RV 4 is a detergent booster with foaming properties, used in combination with caustic soda or alkaline detergents.

doscan RV 4 contains a potent system of complexing agents for binding water hardness and dispersing agents to enhance dissolution and cleaning of impurities, as well as special active components that accelerate the dissolution of impurities.

A special combination of wetting agents reduces the surface tension of washing solutions, accelerates the separation and emulsification of dirt, while at the same time inhibiting the formation of foam. The effect of the doscan RV 4 is based on the synergistic increase in the effectiveness of alkaline cleaning solutions.

This reduces cleaning time and the overall alkalinity of the cleaning solution, it is economically advantageous and has a sanitation advantage.

Fields of application:

doscan RV 4 применяется в пищевой промышленности в качестве добавки к щелочным моющим средствам для мойки теплообменных систем, выпарных установок, емкостей, трубопроводов и оборудования по разливу.

For example, the doscan RV 4 is used in the brewing industry for alkaline cleaning of fermentation and beverage storage tanks, cleaning the tank well and quickly. doscan RV can be mixed with caustic solution with a concentration of up to 50%, without generating a significant amount of heat. This allows dosing directly into the concentrate pipeline.

The prepared mixture of doscan RV 4 and concentrated caustic solution should not be stored and should be used immediately. For professional use only.


The working concentration of doscan RV 4 depends on the requirements and conditions of application. Normally it is 0.1-0.5%, in some cases up to 1.0%.

Cleaning and foaming properties increase with increasing solution concentration.

To avoid residues of the solution on food contact surfaces, the surface should be rinsed with potable water after each cleaning and disinfection. Controlled, safe and economical application is possible with our dispensing system weigomatic®. We are a specialized company under the Water Regulatory Act (WHG).

We plan, install and maintain centralized and decentralized dispensing devices according to specific conditions and requirements. Do not mix with other products.