Detergent neomoscan FA 18 (24 kg) Dr.Weigert

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Neomoscan FA 18 - it is a liquid, foaming free of silicates, chlorine and surfactants, a highly alkaline detergent with great resistance to hard water.

Proven excellent detergent effect based on a combination of high alkalinity, dispersing and complexing agents that enhance detergent capacity.

Fields of application:

Neomoscan FA 18 - Can be used by all circulation methods in closed systems. Suitable for cleaning stainless steel, mild steel, alkali-resistant plastics, glass, aluminum, does not damage rubber seals.

Preferred areas of application are washing beer kegs, kegs, fermentation and lager tanks in the brewing industry, as well as tanks, pipes, filling lines, bottles and packaging in the beer and soft drinks industry and food processing plants.


With regular use of neomoscan FA 18 fermentation and lager tanks as well as beer kegs and kegs will be reliably protected against the appearance of new mineral deposits.
The working concentrations are 0.5-3.0% in the temperature range from low to 90°C. For alkaline beer stone removal by circulation

neomoscan FA 18 used at a concentration of 5-10%, mainly in the temperature range of 25-40 ° C. Increasing the temperature increases the washing effect.

Vessel linings made of special plastics from renowned manufacturers are not affected by the product. Appropriate expert opinions are available and can be made available.
In accordance with the Food and Consumer Goods Act, after each wash, surfaces that come in contact with food must be rinsed with clean water to completely remove any residual product from the surfaces.