Detergent neodisher N (5 l) Dr.Weigert

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Neodisher N Surfactant-free and easy to rinse out; it works as a detergent for acid-soluble residues such as lime and uric acid deposits, it is also used to neutralize residues of alkaline detergents.

Field of application:

It is used as a neutralizing agent to be used after the alkaline agent. Also used as a detergent for acidic prewash for mechanical cleaning of surgical instruments, mobile carts and laboratory glass in hospitals and laboratories. Also used for mechanical cleaning of cages for keeping experimental animals.


As a detergent:
2 - 4 ml/l at 40-60°C using suitable dispensing devices

As a neutralizer: :
1 - 2 ml/l using suitable dosing devices

After application, the neodisher N solution should be rinsed off with a sufficient rinse.

Do not mix with other products.

All parts of the washer must be thoroughly tested for resistance to acid.


Titration factor 0,16 (according to the neodisher titration technique).